BigBrotherBot commands documentation for

updated on Wed Jul 4 09:02:31 2012

plugin min level command alias description
Admin All !help !h [<command|level>] - get info on how to use a command, you can use *<command> for partial matches
Admin All !register - register youself as a basic user
Admin All !rules !r - say the rules
Admin user !regtest - display your current user status
Admin user !time [<timezone/offset>] - display the servers current time
Admin reg !maps - list the server's map rotation
Admin reg !nextmap - list the next map in rotation
Admin reg !seen <name> - when was a player last seen?
Admin reg !b3 - say b3's version info
Stats All !mapstats !stats [<name>] - list a players stats for the map
Stats All !testscore !ts <name> - how much skill points you will get if you kill the player
Stats reg !topstats !top List the top 5 map-stats players
Stats reg !topxp List the top 5 map-stats most experienced players
Xlrstats user !xlrstats [<name>] - list a players XLR stats
Xlrstats reg !xlrtopstats [<#>] - list the top # players of the last 14 days.

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